Time is so precious.  We understand this so much more as we age.   I think when most of us were much younger, we saw the future as a very long road stretching out before us to infinity, with no end or at least one that wasn’t anywhere in sight. We “had” time to play, to make and lose friends, to eat what we wanted, maybe drink too much, not exercise enough, and whatever struck our fancy because, after all, we “had” time.

tEREUy1vSfuSu8LzTop3_IMG_2538Then a few years went by.

We saw a few strange marks on our faces (“are those wrinkles?  Can’t be.”)  We couldn’t stay up quite as late, but we sure tried.  We noticed how some friends seemed to drift away, yet we didn’t work too hard to get back in touch. After all, we were now working hard on getting things right:  our marriages, our careers, our portfolios.  The other things, like peace of mind or emotional health?  Oh, there’d be plenty of time to worry about that later.

And since we were never really going to grow old, it didn’t matter anyway.

Then a lot more years went by, and very quickly.  Much too quickly.

Yet now we are more content with who and what we are because we recognize—this is who we are.  Spending a few hours with a good friend is priceless.  Reading a really engrossing novel is fulfilling.  Watching a grandchild or great niece or nephew giggle is a joy, because we know how quickly they will grow up.  Watching a spectacular sunset fills us with awe and isn’t something we take for granted.  We are still on our path, but we recognize we’re closer to the end…at least on this planet.

We see how fast time goes by now.

Or did it always?

IMG_0600It’s bittersweet.  And depending upon your beliefs, it could just be the beginning, with another path awaiting our spirits that won’t be revealed until we leave our achy joints and bad feet behind.  But regardless of where your heart lies, it’s good to just be where you are, in every moment.  And if it’s not a good place, then give yourself permission to make it so.

Because a moment is just that—and it’s gone so fast.  As boomers and beyond, we know how to make the of them.  2018 is a great time to start.

“Time is the wisest counselor of all.”


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