The devastation in Texas is breaking my heart and the heart of so many.  What can we do?

Donate to reputable organizations like The Red Cross, or Salvation Army, or the charity of your choice who is forwarding financial resources to the affected areas.

What else can we do?

Pray.  Keep those affected in our thoughts and hearts.  And do not judge.

We wonder how it could be this bad.  How could some people not flee when they got the first warning.  Why does it seem we are always so unprepared.

Remember, things aren’t always as they seem.  We might have the financial resources to drive away from a natural disaster.  We  might have family or friends to stay with.  We might have a car gassed up and ready to make the trip.

Not everyone does.

Some of these people have just enough to pay their bills and exist.  

They don’t have a car.

They don’t have a family who can help them, or house them safely.

Some of these people can’t even walk.  So please while you are watching the television coverage, don’t ask why they didn’t walk to a bus stop.

They need our help.  They are victims.  They are scared.  Lonely.  Desperate.

Lest we judge, let’s consider what it’s like to be sitting in water.  With no lights.  No air conditioning.  No fresh food.  No plumbing.

Maybe next time, they’ll make better decisions...if they can.

Until then, let’s extend some grace.  It could very easily be us.  Nature doesn’t discriminate.

I confess to feeling this pain acutely, being originally from Texas, and having spent the first 30 summers of my life in Port Aransas on summer vacations…walking the beach, collecting shells, fishing, enjoying the simple beauty.  And now it’s been dealt a serious blow that will take years to recover from.

But I know Port Aransas, and the rest of Texas, WILL recover.

Because people are strong.  We know how to keep going.  And all of us, particularly boomers, whether we  are from New York, Canada, Florida or anywhere else, can help.  We can send positive energy.  We can write a check or donate some old clothing.

We can stand with these battered, exhausted people.  They need us.  And we need them.

“We rise by lifting others.”   

     Robert Ingersoll





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