Why participate in a women’s march this Saturday in Washington D.C. or any other city?


Because we are women.  We are human beings.  We are living, breathing, spirit.

We are mothers.  We are sisters.  We are friends and girlfriends.

We are doctors, lawyers, nurses, nuns, priests, teachers, writers, accountants, surveyors, geologists, mathematicians, insurance agents, brick layers, seamstresses, architects, soldiers, marines, naval commanders, air force cadets, truck drivers….

We are here.  We are nurturers of this planet.


And we deserve the same respect as our male travelers in this journey through the universe.

We should not have to hear language that degrades us.

We should never have to look the other way when dangerous language is thrown about freely.

We should never have to endure any physical contact we did not invite.

We should never, ever have to apologize for not meeting someone else’s standard for beauty.

Because we are beautiful.  Because we are made by the Creator.

We look out for ourselves, our fellow women, our young girls.

We can forge a way.

A way that takes us forward with confidence and joy.

We can unite.

We can use our wisdom and our empathy to change the world.

As boomer women, we especially can shine a light.

After all, we’ve endured a lot.


So let’s put on our shoes.  Take to the streets.  And make our voices heard.

Without the mud, there is no lotus flower.  We’ve been tromping in the mud a lot lately.

And we know there is more to come.

But we know we can rise up and let our beauty as healthy, competent, giving women shine.

If you can’t march, you can still talk.  Sing.  Speak your truth.

Even as the winds blow, together, we can fly high.

Let’s do it.

“A woman is like a tea bag…you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.”

Eleanor Roosevelt


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