It’s Advent.  A season of waiting, of hope, of  learning patience for all the wonderful  things that could be.  That’s not something many of us really understand easily, in this age of right now,  right here, right away.  We’re so sure we know what is around the corner, so why doesn’t it just get here already?

But what if  we acknowledge that we truly do not know what is ahead…and let that be okay?  We might find a real peace in giving up control (like we had it anyway) and just letting life be.

You’d think as boomers, having gone through so many things in our life—most of it unexpected—we’d be used to the idea that  we often have no clue.  We make our plans, we  deliver our list to our higher power, and then we wait for it all to come true.

Surely Santa will find us, even if we don’t have a chimney.

And then Christmas morning comes, and it’s not  under  the  tree.  The new job.  The perfect marriage. The wonderful house.  The dream we’ve been keeping in our hearts for a lifetime.  Why?  What did we do wrong?

Why can’t we have what we want, and right now?

Or…maybe we did get it.

That new job…what you really wanted was to feel competent and respected.  Look around:  there  are probably many people who consider you a mentor. You’re smart.  Successful.  Own it!

The perfect marriage...would that be Ozzie and Harriet or Father Knows Best?  Those are television shows.  Reality is a bit tougher.  And maybe  just taking a look at photos of you and your spouse from the early years might  remind you why you fell in love.  He/she is still  there, sitting right across from you every morning.

That wonderful’s okay to want a sparkling new kitchen or a wonderful deck for entertaining.  Maybe just making some easy changes would make things feel new, like new paint or rug or outdoor furniture.  Like they say, if you want it, picture it…you never know.

That dream….this is where it gets trickier. You always wanted to live in the mountains. Or you’ve pictured the farm in the country with cats, dogs, horses and more. Or you haven’t been to Europe and you’re starting to wonder if you’ll  make it.  Maybe what’s really tugging at your heart is something else—a need to explore.  To take a risk.  To do something a bit frivolous and throw caution to the wind.

Do it. Right now.  Every day.  Do something unexpected.  Even a little crazy.  It might take you just a few steps closer to doing the big thing you’ve always wanted to do.

In “Things That Join The Sea and The Sky,” author Mark Nepo says:

“At the end of all we want, we’re meant to glow. So long and want and dream till you exhaust your heart’s desire.  We learn so much from longing, and wanting, and dreaming.  Mostly, that they are not the mansions we dream of living in, but the wood that keeps our fire going.”

I have to believe we get what we need, and, if we ask, we do get what we want….but it might not even be something we realize we want. Sometimes it feels like it takes forever. Remember being a child on Christmas Eve?

It’s a season of joy…it’s coming, but it’s also here, within us, even if we have to hunt for it.  Let’s not give up.


“Let’s approach Christmas with an expectant hush, rather than a last-minute rush.”











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